Lietec®- Emix 100

Lietec® EMIX 100 electric vertical mixer on wheels


Electric driven propeller for mixing liquid manure under the concrete slats. The mixer can be lowered 100 cm through 30 mm cap. This is a safety matter because there is no need to move the concrete slat.

Emix 100 can manage to mix even 2-meter-deep channels. The mixer has two models: ON/OFF-start and with frequency converter.


  • Height adjustable handlebar for secure maneuvering
  • Large air-filled rubber wheels
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • 2,2 kW motor, 16 A/400 VAC
  • Belt winch for easy height adjust, down to 100 cm
  • Weight 95 kg
  • Emix 100 with fixed speed 1500 rpm has a propeller with 15° angle


Emix 100 can be delivered with frequency converter

    • Speed can be adjusted 0…1500 rpm
    • Optimum energy usage
    • selectable mixing direction
    • propeller angle 30° on clockwise mixing
    • propeller angle 15° on counterclockwise mixing


Product code 34070150 ON/OFF Start

Product code 34070150FC with frequency converter

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