Lietec®- Hmix 400

Lietec© Hmix 400

  • Slurry mixer Lietec© Hmix 400 for tractor front loader and teleloaders
  • For mixing the slurry container and similar on dairy and big farms
  • Mixer for municipality waste water on sewage plant
  • For Biogas plant interval mixing
  • Frame hot dip galvanized 100×100 mm, length 4,19 meters
  • Working depth 4 meters
  • Can be lowered down to bottom to rest on it own foot
  • Powered by a hydraulic motor directly connected to the propeller
  • Specially designed propeller generates optimal flow on slurry
  • Propeller made of acid-resisting steel
  • Propeller 3-baldes, diameter 65 cm
  • Propeller can be turned 360° and it runs on both directions
  • High starting torque
  • Optimal for loader hydraulics  100 l/min (200 bar)
  • Coupling Euro (others available on request)
  • Hydraulic motor type Orbital motor, size 160cc (0,16 litre/round)
  • e.g. a tractor oil flow 100 l/min which equals propeller speed to 625 rpm (200 bar)
  • Mixing power on slurry 10-30 kW depending on the used tractor
  • Recommended max hydraulic pressure 200 bar
  • Weight 245 kg

Product nr. 34070200

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