PDL Mobile Cattle Crush

This crush is intended for use in conjunction with a stall headlock. First, the animal is blocked in the headlock then hoof trimming and hoof care work is performed on the cattle.

– ⧄ 60/2 mm galvanised metal frame,
– Front hoof trimming system with retractable indexing pin, nylon spool and self-locking reel. Suitable for left or right side work. Comes with a strap, W. 25 mm x L. 1 m,
– Winch for belly strap, length 1450 x width 150 mm, polyester with triangles, operated by a self-locking reel,
– Rear hoof trimming winch, also used for lifting the wheels when moving the crush. For use with the self-locking reel,
– Rear chain with protection serving as an anti-backing and rump blocking system,
Supplied with Ø 8 mm winch equipped with Ø 10 mm carabiners
– either to retract the wheels when moving,
– or to manipulate the rear hooves when using the strap and ring, length 1 m x width 3.8 cm. Delivered as standard,
– 2 front chains with carabiners, for blocking using the headlock,
– Inflatable wheels Ø 400 x 8 mm on greased roller bearings. 1/2 retractable axle.

Height 1.93 m
Length 1.90 m
Width 1.30 m
Inside width 0.80 m
Inside length  2.05 m

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