Calving detection via SMS
The Vel’Phone is a robust, effective solution based on analysis of the temperature of the animals in order to carry out remote monitoring of calving.

Ease of use
Once the thermometer has been placed in the vaginal canal, the Vel’Phone informs you via SMS of the day-to-day changes in temperature, of the imminence of calving, and of the breaking of waters.

Peace of mind
Day and night and anywhere, you will remain free and have peace of mind because the Vel’Phone is monitoring your animals. It informs you right from the start of calving.

Calving prediction via SMS invites you to place the animal under optimal conditions before its waters break. Detection of the breaking of the waters via SMS provides you with the greatest accuracy in order to leave the animal to do the work first, and then intervene at the optimal time. Ultimately, you will improve your stock breeding results with more living calves and fewer post-partum complications.

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