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Meijerin Vedinspray 3 acting Udder Spray

  • Meijerin Vedinspray is developed for finnish dairy farms
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Glyserol
  • Active ingredient Clorhexidine
  • Vedinspray has a high capacity of refattening and remoistening the skin which is essential for a good udder condition
  • Vedinpray contains refattening agents which helps to keep the skin soft and healthy
  • It is safe to use and is in no way hazardous to the user or the environment
  • Field studies on several farms has shown results that are very engouraging
  • Cleaning of teats before milking is much easier.
  • Vedinspray has 3 effects
  1. Decreased risc of mastitis – General skin condition is excellent
  2. Cleaning of teats before milking is much easier
  3. Proven to have a fly repellent effect
  • Easy to apply with spraying without hazards for the user
  • Package 10 liter and 30 l liter container

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