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PitStop feeder for Extra minerals

Pitstop feeder is made of strong PEHD plastic. Its round and twin-walled design gives it a high wear and impact resistance. The feeder has a fodder flap and a lid that due to the design, form and angles makes it closed and thereby keeps the supplements fresh and appetizing, and protects them against rain and other water as well as pollution with dung.

The animals starts to use the feeder in the same instance it is mounted and filled with supplements.

When eating from the feeder, the animals pushes the loose hanging fodder flap into the feeder until it hits the bottom of the feed magazine as an extra protection against cluttering up of the supplements. The fodder flap closes by gravitation due to the tilted front of the feeder as soon as the animal leaves the feeder.

The dimensions of the feeder are made so that alone one cow can stick its head into the feeder at a time.

The feeder is very easy to refill – the top lid is opened with one hand, and the feed magazine holds 45 liter, equal to about 100 kg granulated mineral supplements.

The feeder is meant for mounting on a wall, on fencing bars or a stanchion, whether inside the stable or outside in a runyard or a grass field, and it require no extra space.

As a rule of thumb, there should be one feeder per 25 animals. A higher number of animals per feeder is possible, but give more unrest among the animals.

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