Ventilation kit designed for dairy farm milk cooler room

Complete kit – easy to install:

1.Fresh air inlet

  • Robust metal frmae and finger protection grid
  • Plastic louvered shutter VK35

2. Plower unit

  • Thermostat controller with °C-scale
  • Thermostat unit supplied with 2 meter mouting cable (ready connected)
  • Mains cable 3 meters with plug

Technical specificaitions

  • Fan diameter ø 350 mm
  • Round per minute 1500 1/min
  • Voltage 220/240 V
  • Blow capacity ≥ 2850 m3/h(20 Pa counter pressure)
  • CE-mark

Also available:

Exhaust air shutter

  • Plastic shutter which closes automatically when air flow is stoppedmuoviritilä
  • Prevents air flow backward into the milk cooler room
  • Exhaust air will be blowed outside or into to the cow barn

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